XXI a. kasdienybės dienoraštis

To Whom It May Concern (Cover letter)

I am 32 years old communication professional. The beginning of year 2013 for me is a new decision-making situation, and I am open for new opportunities and challenges.

My competence in public communication started as early as 1998, when I began writing articles for a monthly IT magazine Naujoji komunikacija. As today my professional project portfolio lists such companies and organizations as (in A-Z order) ACC Lietuva, Aktorių gildija (Actors’ Guild), Alexela, Alna, Aplinkos ministerija (Ministry of Environment), Avis, BaltCap, BLA, BSA Lietuva, Cesim, Credit Info Group, Demokratinės politikos institutas (Institute of Democratic Policy), Hermis Capital, HP, IBM, Infosistema, Innovative Business Academy, Kauno apskrities moterų krizių centras (Center of Women Crisis in Kaunas region), Kovos su korupcija frontas (Frontier for Fight Against Corruption), Lenovo, Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas (Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences), Lietuvos mokslų akademija (Lithuanian Academy of Sciences), Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidentas (President of the Republic of Lithuania), Lietuvos studentų atstovybių sąjunga (Union of Lithuanian Students’ Representations), Microsoft, Microsoft Business Solutions (Navision), Minijos nafta, MTV Baltic, Nacionalinė lošimų ir žaidimų asociacija (National Gambling and Gaming Business Association), Northtown, Ogmios Astra Prekyba, Omnitel, MEP Ona Juknevičienė, Pedersen & Pedersen, Piliečių Santalka, Pilietinių inciatyvų centras (Center of Civil Initiatives), Pilietiškumo, demokratijos ir teisės programų centras (Center of Civil, Democracy and Legal Programs), Skolų valdymo centras (Debt Administration Center), MEP Šarūnas Birutis, Tildė IT, TradeDoubler, Turizmo plėtros institutas (Institute of Tourism Development), UVS, Vilniaus miesto ir apskrities verslininkų darbdavių konfederacija (Confederation of Vilnius city and region businessmen-employers), Žinių ekonomikos forumas (Knowledge Economy Forum). (References and my full CV are available upon request)

According to the LinkedIn endorsements’ TOP-10 list I am good at PR, press releases, media relations, blogging, strategic and corporate communications, new media, crisis communications, strategic planning and copywriting. Somehow similar, I would suggest that I am worth consideration at media relations, representation of interest groups, strategic and tactical planning, new media and EU-funded communication.

As today, I am a freelance professional, working with several low-intensity projects. A couple of larger ones have reached a predicted finish line in autumn 2012. Therefore, today I am looking forward to opportunities to employ 80-90% of my spare time. At the same time, I am free to investigate into alternative cooperation models such as employment (full/partial), project-oriented cooperation, formation of a separate/joint legal entity etc.

All proposals are welcome, and I understand, that the majority of them will raise questions about the need to discontinue my NGO or similar duties in such projects as lecturing at universities or being a member of the Central Electoral Commission.

My expectations and selection criteria are:

  1. long term cooperation;
  2. less fragmentation (i.e. priority for large scale/intensive projects);
  3. performance evaluation according to quantitative results of KPI;
  4. international outreach (up to 10-20% of time);
  5. growth potential.

My contact information is here.

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  1. Augustas

    pagarba už drąsą paskelbiti tai viešai!

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