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Merlin Natal gimimo momento analizė – koks esu ir koks būsiu?!

Interneto svetainė 0800-horoscope.com suteikia galimybę truputį pasinagrinėti savo gimimo momento astrologinę situaciją. Maniškiai originalūs rezultatai čia, o trumpai galima reziumuoti, kad esu ambicingas niekšelis, kuris savo ambicijas įgyvdins, o gyvenimą ramiai nusišalinęs baigs savo mirtimi prižiūrėdamas iš svetimų mirčių sukauptą turtą ir pulką vaikų 🙂

Kiek suprantu, čia yra pagrindinis astrologų darbo įrankis – imkit mane ir skaitykit:

O suprantantiems angliškai, žemiau – detalesnė analizė,

The planets in the signs

The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac has an influence on the character of the individual and these influences form a large part of the individual psyche.

Sun in Aquarius

He is independent, autonomous, emancipated and has progressive ideas.

Weaknesses: an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

Moon in Taurus

Sweetness itself. Convinced of their ideas and strong-willed. He is foresighted and willful. He knows how to trust. He appreciates all the good things in Life. He likes and protects Nature.

Weaknesses: excesses in pleasure, laziness, sensuality, thoughtlessness.

Mercury in Aquarius

Likes everything that is new and original: is an innovator. Values his independence and liberty of action greatly. He initiates projects, he is individualistic, idealistic and humanitarian. Likes intellectual discussions.

Weaknesses: argumentative, bickering and eccentric.

Venus in Pisces

Very sentimental. He is easily moved. He is melancholic, romantic. When he loves, it is the most generous of loves.

Weaknesses: risky and confused loves, insane hopes.

Mars in Virgo

Efficiency, deftness, flexibility, diligence but also ingenuousness.

Weaknesses: he can easily boil over and can get angry over a small detail that gets in the way .

Jupiter in Virgo

He is methodical and practical. He likes order, organization and harmony. He can easily link everything together.

Weaknesses: he has a tendency to distrust his circle, does not trust people.

Saturn in Virgo

He likes order, harmony, method and balance. He can undertake long-term medical or scientific studies.

Weaknesses: he is intransigent, stubborn. Misuse of medicines, or asking for too much medicine.

Uranus in Scorpio

Intelligent and subtle. Adores research, inquiry, investigation. Very sensual.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

Pluto in Libra

Brings changes.

Sign and ascendant

Aquarius ascendant Libra

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in IV

Influenced by the family, especially the mother. Proud, self-confident, he has faith in his future and is ambitious.

Moon in VIII

He has a tendency to bad dreams. Possibly has romantic phantasies. Is interested in the occult.

Mercury in IV

Good education, he is cultivated, likes literature, family life and family relationships.

Venus in V

He wants to succeed in love-life. He meets pleasant people and has very good friends, always without conflict. He likes amusements, parties. He has lots of children.

Mars in XI

He achieves his ambitions. He is impulsive and presses on without thinking. He starts something new without necessarily finishing the last job. He likes to dominate and lacks diplomacy where friends and professional relations are concerned.

Jupiter in XI

He is cooperative, organizes everyone. He climbs the social ladder thanks to help from friends and acquaintances who are chosen, not for their qualities, but for the advantages they can bring. He achieves his objectives.

Saturn in XII

He likes quiet and solitude above everything. He looks for work (or can work) alone, without being bothered. He hates chatting, outside noises.

Uranus in II

He has a lot of flair. He is unreliable at work, always ready for change. He must have an out-of-the-ordinary job, in which case all goes well: otherwise, he will often change jobs and will have financial problems.

Neptune in III

He has a lot of imagination, high ideals. He is nostalgic. Likes studying.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant in Libra

He will never leave the beaten track. Married and not living with a partner, if he gets involved in politics it will be in a recognized party and naturally one in power etc…

He is sociable, diplomatic in everything. Likes the Arts.

House II in Scorpio

Financial success will come either through a job connected with death, (funeral director, forensic surgeon, monumental mason etc…) or thanks to an inheritance.

House III in Sagittarius

He will study for a long time, will be erudite. Very intelligent, an open and independent spirit, will have a connection with foreign countries. Fertile intelligence.

House IV in Capricorn

After working all his life to obtain his objectives and finally having reached that goal, he wants to retire in peace and quiet and to have a retirement full of contemplation, with few tasks, close to nature. As he was very careful with money all his life, he will administer the properties he has acquired.

House V in Aquarius

Doesn't like routine and the banal. He is romantic, full of fantasy and imagination. He is also a friend one can count on.

House VI in Pisces

Job in commerce. Weak point: the kidneys.

House VII in Aries

Love-at-first-sight, marries without thinking. Doesn't want to change his habits, so domestic quarrels to be foreseen.

House VIII in Taurus

Happy old age, natural death. Inheritance.

House IX
in Gemini

Likes studying, is open to anything new, accepts and recognizes his errors, always develops in a positive sense. Likes travel, discovery, meeting new people and knows how to appreciate them.

House X in Cancer

Likes contact with the public, the crowd. Profession that involves meeting a lot of people. Professional success thanks to sense of duty and application to his work.

House XI in Leo

Friends are not always chosen by chance. Even if the feelings of friendship are sincere, these friends must automatically bring something – professional help for example.

House XII in Virgo

Work in a research lab.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on his destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

349 Conjunction Sun – Mercury

He is intelligent and knows what he wants. Is a good organizer, he likes moving, travel. He likes literature.

-229 Opposition Venus – Mars

While he is passionate, he likes carnal desires and voluptuousness above all. He goes to excess, is unfaithful and often unsatisfied. Serious family quarrels in view.

-188 Opposition Moon – Uranus

He has a feverish, non-constructive restlessness. He is too susceptible. While his life is full of change, he is full of hot air. He is eccentric, irritable and stubborn. He has difficulty concentrating on a job. Nervous strain. His friendships are like his professional and love life – unstable.

-145 Opposition Venus – Jupiter

He is nonchalant, pretentious, full of self-importance. He likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious, and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances. He likes to please and has numerous amorous adventures. He is unfaithful and undergoes tribulations in love.

125 Conjunction Mars – Jupiter

He has a good sense of organization, he is jovial, frank and sincere. He is full of dynamism and over-abundant energy. He loves life and takes all it has to offer. He likes sports and the outdoor life. He is successful professionally and emotionally. He usually has lots of children.

90 Sextile Mars – Midheaven

He has a good sense of organization. He knows how to take the necessary decisions rapidly, is independent and uses all his energy to succeed socially.

82 Sextile Saturn – Uranus

He knows how to be on top of the situation. He perseveres, is determined but ingenious and original. He is very practical. He proceeds slowly, but is always bound to achieve his objectives in the end.

69 Trine Venus – Midheaven

He has good taste, has an affectionate nature, his love is warm and deep, based on intellectual understanding and common tastes. His friends are useful in furthering his career.

61 Trine Mercury – Ascendant

He is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. He is preoccupied by his circle, likes to exchange ideas with his friends, but also with strangers. Of an open nature, he goes out to others.

60 Sextile Neptune – Pluto

59 Trine Moon – Saturn

He controls his feelings. He has a sense of duty, of self-esteem and is prudent. He can concentrate on a long-term task, manual or intellectual. He perseveres and is serious in everything he does.

32 Trine Moon – Mars

He is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. He is strong-willed and powerful at work. He is a little hard on himself but, above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as great.

27 Trine Sun – Ascendant

-11 Square Saturn – Neptune

Living conditions are difficult for

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