This is the first record of series #BestPracticesInPR, where I start with a basic PR situation and propose several scenarios for consideration. Following initial discussion on Facebook and Google+ I will provide my final remarks and suggestions.


Your public response to a difficult situation such as drunk driving could minimize negative outcomes or build up to complete meltdown of your public image. What is the best response scenario?

Situation: Person X is the leader of an organization Z. X was caught driving drunk (light version, around 1,0‰). No material damage, no human injuries.

Scenario A – Silence

The only comment is “No Comment!”

Scenario B – I’m Sorry

Personal “Mea Culpa”

Sub-scenarios: (1) resignation; (2) decision is up to the Boss; (3) I’m Sorry. Period. (4) …

Scenario C – I made no harm

Although consenting to potentially negative evaluation, public response is built around the fact, that incident had no negative consequences.

Scenario D – It was not my fault, but …

Blaming somebody else, because he/she/it …

Scenario E – …

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